Building customer loyalty is imperative to a brand’s success, but acquiring and maintaining loyal customers takes a lot of work. Marketers at all stages find themselves faced with an endless amount of questions around loyalty building best practices, including kicking off and maintaining a successful loyalty initiative.

Here at BigDoor, we’ve been helping marketers tackle engagement and loyalty for years. We know that fostering customer loyalty is not a one-size fits-all effort, which is why we created “A Marketer’s Guide to Customer Loyalty,” the world’s most comprehensive (and free!) guide to loyalty and engagement building.

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Packed with years of loyalty marketing expertise, this 161 page guide (yep, you read that right; 161 pages!) goes beyond tactics to give readers a holistic understanding of the customer loyalty lifecycle so you can cherry pick the tips and strategies that work best for your brand. “A Marketer’s Guide to Customer Loyalty” is here to help you make sense of all the moving pieces in building, executing, and maintaining a successful loyalty initiative, no matter what stage of fostering loyalty you’re in.


We won’t give away too much of the awesomeness you’ll take away from reading the guide, but on a high level, you’ll learn:

  •       • A brief history of customer loyalty, including what still works and what’s changed to meet the evolving and complex needs of customers in the digital age.
  •       • How to debunk long-held myths around customer loyalty, and best practices for building loyalty with today’s customers.
  •       • How to create a business case for loyalty, and how to secure the resources you’ll need to build a team of loyalty evangelists.
  •       • New channels for building a customer loyalty strategy, and how to incentivize actions your customers are already taking to foster loyalty.
  •       • Actionable, cutting-edge strategies you can implement into your loyalty initiative in all five categories of loyalty measurement.
  •       • New metrics for collecting and analyzing data to measure your progress, along with tips to help boost your results.
  •       • How top brands in customer loyalty keep their competitive edge.

And so much more!


Whether you’re a loyalty expert or are just starting out, this guide has something for everyone. Download your free copy now!

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